Rethinking the payment portal

A streamlined payment process for a seamless user experience.

ccepTx Pro is a software that helps orthodontists present treatment and fees to their patients.

When the development team was ready to integrate a payment portal into the application, I saw this a great opportunity to look at the treatment and payment plan process as a whole and redesign the experience from a user perspective.

I've started with a summary of the project. Read on to see the details, including before and after screens.

Download the InVision prototype (16 MB).

The Issues

The Plan

The business analyst and I reviewed the existing screens and grouped them by action, allowing us to see distinct steps of the process.

AP Process Part 1
AP Process Part 1

The Execution

The structure was in place and ready for some design love. I took some time to research best practices on UI Patterns, UX Booth and a few others - then went to work.

Steps 1-2 of 5: Before

AP Step 1 Before Image

Steps 1-2 of 5: After

Step 1 After Image

Step 3 of 5: Before

Step 2 Before Image

Step 3 of 5: After

Step 2 After Image

Step 4 of 5: Before

Step 4 of 5: After